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Build custom frame

Hello, this is my first post and I hope you can help me. I have been reading the information of ardusub and in the part of building a custom frame I was wondering if I can create one like the following image. My question arises because I see that they use 6 thrusters to customize the frame and I only want to use 4.

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Hi Andres, welcome to the forum!

If your frame is set up exactly like one of the visible frames in QGroundControl then you can use them directly, as covered in the heavy retrofit instructions. If you have different angles of the thrusters then you’ll need to follow the documentation to make a custom build of ArduSub.

Hi Eliot thanks for your help, a quick question, are the values correctly set to create a custom frame? Like the picture that I placed above.

Thanks again :sweat:

Looks ok to me, although you may need to change to a period for the decimal mark in the Yaw factor for motor 1 (-1,0-1.0). I expect the rest should be fine, but the documentation I linked to has all the non-zero values as explicit floats, so just for consistency it might be worth changing all the 1s to 1.0s :slight_smile: