Help with Arduino Library

I am trying to implement the adafruit L3GD20 gyro into my ROV heading hold Arduino program. Although I have downloaded and unzipped the “master” from GitHub into the library, it does not show up on the library list in the IDE, so it won’t compile. I have attached a screen shot of what my Arduino directory looks like. I had the same problem with the LSM303, which I finally solved, but can’t remember how.



Hang on. I just did a search and found how I solved the LSM303 issue. I’ll give that a try and see what happens.

Okay, I solved it. You have to let the Arduino IDE zip library unzip the master file. If you open the downloaded master file and unzip it into the Arduino library directory it won’t show up in the IDE. Crazy, but that’s the way it is.

I am going to replace the magnetic compass board with a gyro board, as Rusty suggested. I am trying to get rid if the EMI on heading hold caused by the vertical thrust motor.

Hi Richard,

Glad you figured this out. I also want to note that the gyro will have drift over time so you can’t use it alone to hold heading.

I would suggest using the compass measurement with a very gentle P-controller to maintain heading and use a stronger PI-controller with the gyro measurement to resist rapid changes. Just a thought. There are many ways to make this work well I think.