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Heavy troubles- no IO heartbeat

(Richard) #1

Hi All

Having some trouble getting my newly-assembled Heavy kit to work properly. Quadruple-checked that all wiring is correct, running newest versions of QGC, companion and ArduSub software. Vehicle powers on, I get telemetry and video, but also get a constant “no IO heartbeat” error. Looked that up, usual cause is corrupted SD card on Pixhawk, so I pulled it out and reformatted it, did not help. QGC seems unhappy, crashes now and then, can’t seem to reconnect to vehicle after it reboots or otherwise loses the connection, have to power cycle the vehicle to reestablish. The new ESCs are beeping, but can’t configure them because no motor commands work, either on motor test page or armed/manual joystick commands. Lights and camera mount do work, so the Heavy default params did get loaded and work. Using Windows at the moment but will try with Ubuntu to see if that helps somehow. Anybody else have a very confused vehicle after it woke up from its Heavy transplant surgery?

Just checked on things again. Did get the motor tests to work and vehicle responded to joystick input for a time, but after disarming once, it never came back. Interestingly, when I look at the console while the vehicle is armed, I see the following streaming down the page as fast as possible:

After disarming, that whole business stops, and concludes with an error/notification message mentioning the same file, MotorComponent.qml. I will have a look in there and see what that’s all about.

Took a look in MotorComponent.qml and it seems like some of the logic surrounding the arming switch on that page is messed up… code for a slider named allSlider is commented out, but then is referenced later in an un-commented out section, and there’s a Timer block starting at line 258 that doesn’t seem to stop running even after the user has left the motor controls page, hence all those references from line 266.

(Jacob) #2

The IO thread heartbeat issue is unrelated to the other issues, it is documented here. You need a new SD card.

There is apparently some bug in the motor page as you have pointed out in the debug output. I will open an issue for it when I am able to test it. The page should still work correctly right now for what we need, I have already confirmed that much works.

You must wait 10 seconds between attempts to test the motors, this is a safety measure.

Are you still facing some problem?

(Jacob) #3

(Richard) #4

Brand-new SD card fixed it. Puzzling that a total reformat wouldn’t fix it… the card that was in the pixhawk was a replacement, a nice sandisk extreme card that I put in after the original one died. Curiously when I looked at it the other day prior to reformatting it had around 12 separate logical drives on it. Anyway, thanks for replying to this and if I get some free time I’ll take a shot at fixing this issue in QGC.