Firmware Problem

Hello, my Blue2 was working just fine but now I am having troubles with the firmware.

My problem started when I connected the Internet cable to the wrong port, I didn’t configure it so I didn’t know that it was for a specific one. The Blue2 did not connect to the QGC and suggested a firmware update, I did the update as the guide says and try again. then I realized that was in the wrong port, changed it and it worked! however now the configurations were not set as before and I get the message No IO Heartbeat error. I formatted the SD card and load the firmware again, what I get is that is working but is not configured as before, in addition when I arm it after a short time I get again the No IO Heartbeat error.

I didn’t have to load the firmware the first time, and now it seems that I have replaced with one that is not working, please help it’s getting frustrating.


when you updated the firmware it probably reverted back any changes to the IP address you might have made, specifically if you changed the IP to something other than stock and don’t have your connecting machine set to the default connection static IP you may not be able to see it. That or something went wrong with the firmware flash.

Tim, the ArduSub firmware that runs on the autopilot is not involved with the networking aspect of the system. Flashing firmware to the Pixhawk will not affect any network settings.


The IO heartbeat error is caused by a faulty SD card on the Pixhawk. Please email with the best address to send you a replacement.

In the meantime, you can set the LOG_BACKEND_TYPE parameter to ‘None’ to suppress the error. This should be a temporary workaround, and I would recommend you set the parameter back to ‘File’ when you have another SD card in the Pixhawk.

Is this ‘No IO Heartbeat’ error the only remaining issue at the moment?


Thanks Jacob, I formatted the SD card again, flashed the firmware and then configured the lights and camera tilt as it was at the beginning and now all seems to be working fine without changing the LOG_BACKEND_TYPE parameter.

Need to do the first run test and see if the No IO Heartbeat error comes again, but for now all good.

Thanks again


I think the error may return after a few boots, this is what has been reported by some others that experienced this problem.

The Pixhawk firmware is not stored on the Micro SD card. It is stored on internal memory. You may replace the SD card without re-flashing the firmware.