GoPRO 10 Placement with gripper?


With the gripper mounted as described the GoPro mount does not fit anymore. So, where do you guys place a gopro? My first though is on the blue floating thing cover on the top of the rov. Drill a hole and mount a gopro 3d printed mount. What do you guys do? Images? inspiration?

Trying this now, waiting for 3d printer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @thorleif,

@btrue seems to have it mounted in the normal place in this post - not sure if heโ€™s actually got some custom setup.

If youโ€™ve ended up with some alternative solution then Iโ€™d recommend sharing it on printables, if you want others to be able to make use of it :slight_smile:

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I do have mine in the recommended location. Itโ€™s a tight fit and the tips of the gripper jaws can block the camera view a little.

I got the camera mount from the BlueRobotics Store (I think it is now discontinued) and this is a GoPro 4 Silver with the battery backpack and official GoPro brand dive housing.

Have you thought about just drilling a 1/4" hole and using a easy to find 1/4-20 camera mount adapter? GEPULY 6PCS 1/4โ€™โ€™ Mini Tripod Mount Adapter, 1/4-20 Thumbscrew for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9/8/7/6, DJI OSMO Action AKASO Insta 360,Applicable for Tripod Selfie Stick Monopod and DSLR Camera Flash : Electronics

Another option might be a short extension arm like this: : TOZ TZN-S03 Universal Rotary Extension Arm Mount Set for Gopro Hero 4 3 3+ 2 1, GoPro Accessories Kit Extension Arm Adapter Pivot Arm Thumbscrew : Electronics

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We have retired it from our store, but also made the model available for 3D printing :slight_smile:

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