External View Montage 2023 - Any camera ideas?

I’m in the process of making another external views montage video using a GoPro on a flexible tripod. I was wondering if anyone had any interesting ideas about camera shots or ROV moves. I got some extension arms to try to get some “over the shoulder” type shots.

I thought it would be better to just make 1 topic about this and update it when I have the videos made next week.

There’s also going to be a blooper video of all of the times that the tripod fell over, and other things. Here’s a preview of one of the bloopers:

Hi @btrue,

This is fun to see - thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Hmm, I suppose that depends what you’ve got on hand and the conditions you’re piloting in. Dancing and tricks tend to be quite entertaining (e.g. the ROV bobbing by like a dolphin could be fun, or zooming by while doing a roll spin, or a pitch spin like it’s a tumble-weed, or a vertical yaw spin like it’s cartwheeling), as well as seeing amusing interactions with nature (e.g. the camera dome gently booping with a curious fish or the gripper shaking claws with a crab could be hilarious, albeit likely quite hard to set up).

Beyond that there’s a fair amount of scope for what can be done with transitions, like the ROV could intentionally knock over the camera and then fly up and away like a quadcopter, or you could have a high resolution frame that gets cropped down to a smaller one that’s motion-tracked to the ROV, and flicks between different locations with the same perspective of the vehicle (so the vehicle stays in the same part of the frame, but the background slides by and swaps out).