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External View Montage

I tried to record some external shots with a camera on a flexible tripod. It is a good start but wasn’t as cool as I was hoping due to the murky water. There was some very high control latency for a few minutes again so it was extremely hard to pilot it and I think I might of had some depth hold problems. It was hard to tell what was exactly happening since the video stream kept cutting out.


Love the montage!

The first scene after you put the camera down is quite eery - especially as you get to ~00:30.

That gripper coming towards the camera at 00:54 is terrifying - should add some ominous music or something :joy:

Definitely looks like something unexpected going on at 01:10 with sudden thrust, although not sure if depth hold was on then or if you were manually trying to lower the ROV.

Kind of funky seeing the lights reflect off the water surface above the ROV at 06:15.

The ROV movements look almost comical at 3x speed :stuck_out_tongue:

@btrue - Nice! I’ve always wanted to film the ROV this way. One of my favorite ROV videos is this video of the Seaeye Falcon, also filmed from a GoPro: Seaeye Falcon ROV in HD with Go Pro - YouTube

That video was one of the inspirations for the BlueROV2 having the configuration it has. It demonstrates the maneuverability and stability of a vectored ROV configuration really well.



Hey @btrue! I also love this video! I’ve just added it to our BlueROV2 User Video Playlist! :smiley: