360 blue rov dive with audio

We just had fun. Orginal video is 5.7k converted to 4k and than youtube lowered quality. Still 1080 360 and Audio.


VERY COOL! Would love to learn more about how you set up the 360 camera and the heads up data display.

Paul, we are talking about Garmin virb360. All data is from that camera g-metrics. :wink: Nothing special but fun.

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Central mount :slight_smile:

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Design… evolution


@vectrino-hr Can you share the 3D drawings of your design (preferably in .stl)… Looks really cool! I plan on using your design to mount a 360 camera as well.

Thank you!

Sure we can. Please send me pm with email.

Hello, awesome design! we are currently trying to install a 360 cammera too as a periscope. I wanna ask: how did you put on the image the robot orientation and barometer and stuff? It’s really cool. Also, did the 3D printed mounts work well?