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360 blue rov dive with audio

(vectrino.hr) #1

We just had fun. Orginal video is 5.7k converted to 4k and than youtube lowered quality. Still 1080 360 and Audio.

(undersearobotics.com) #2

VERY COOL! Would love to learn more about how you set up the 360 camera and the heads up data display.

(vectrino.hr) #3

Paul, we are talking about Garmin virb360. All data is from that camera g-metrics. :wink: Nothing special but fun.

(vectrino.hr) #4

Central mount :slight_smile:

(vectrino.hr) #5

Design… evolution

(Muthu Chandrasekaran) #6

@vectrino-hr Can you share the 3D drawings of your design (preferably in .stl)… Looks really cool! I plan on using your design to mount a 360 camera as well.

Thank you!

(vectrino.hr) #7

Sure we can. Please send me pm with email.