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Gopro Mount with longer screw?

(Ion Hernandez) #1

I have a Gopro Mount but I am nost sure which screw I must use. I must use the same screw that there are in the tube of the battery or I must buy some longer.
This is the gopro mount



GoPro uses a M5 x 20 screw.

(Kevin) #3

@i.hernandez You’re fine using the screws provided with the battery tube, you don’t need to buy longer ones. To install, you remove the three lower screws, attach the GoPro mount and then tighten the three screws again.

(Ion Hernandez) #4

Thank you @Ben and @kevink for your answer. I have printed the STL file in a 3d printer because it isn´t important structure.

We had sanded the piece, especially the union between the GoPro case and the mount. All was correct but when we have tried to mount int the Bluerov the holes are not correct. The STL draw must be bad, has anybody this problem?


I used the part printed by Blue Robotics and it fits perfectly. You are attaching it to the 3inch battery enclosure?

Also, make sure your GoPro screw is stainless steel. I’d initially used a knockoff and had it start rusting on me.

(Ion Hernandez) #6

Thanks @Ben I’ve printed again and now the dimentions are ok. I printed bad the STL, it’s smaller.

I think that the screw is stainless steel because it’s the original gopro for underwater.

When I mount the Gopro must I change the ballast weight or calibrate the ROV? Thanks