Mounting Sonar and Altimeter

Hello guys,

just wondering if you sell a bracket for mounting the micron sonar and altimeter on the BR2.

Else, if you don’t but have done it before, I would be interested to see different ideas.


Here is two diffrent installations, depends on what you prefer. I had the Tritech

micron on front on the Gopro bracket and Just installed the imagenex 852 that i bought from @paul-unterweiser. DSC_4893|690x388![DSC_5813|690x388](upload://itb3llO9SQZRmO7Ss7hnere2y9e.JPG
Personally i prefer the topmount because it is a safer installation and you are able to do polar scan and adjusteble sector scan. Another thing is that the sonar is more stabile in senter of the sub.

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Thanks for sharing. Which sonar gave the best performance?

I am actually thinking about mounting them underneath and on top depending on the application…

Nice options for mount.
I am interested in how you integrated the micron into the system. What interface/programming to get the reading into ardusub?

Hard to tell witch on is best, i will call them equal in performance, but the micron have a Extra port to be able to integrate a echologger and that is a good thing that imagenex dont have.
I would choose based on what is the best deal you can get. If you want to buy a brand new micron you might just go for their new multibeam sonar that cost around 7000£.
I will most likely change my imagenex in the multibeam during this year if my wite doesnt have any expencive vacation plans that i am not aware of.

Yeah, the new multibeam is only available from april and I need it ASAP.

I use a spare twp. for signal and tap power from the sub. I have made a y-split in my mould on my tether that allowes me to run signal on a twp. directly to surface without going throu the 4’ enclosure. I run the sonar on a second laptop, but i also have the program installed on my laptop where i run the QGC. My experience is that you should run as few program as possible on the computer that control the sub to minimize the risk for computer shutting down. This is a bit conservative thaugt, but windows like to shut down and reboot from time to time.
You can see my split in my history on my build i guess.