Scanning Sonar Testing

Hi everyone,

We recently did some tests with the BlueROV2 with a Tritech Micron Scanning Sonar. It’s a mechanical scanning sonar that provides a 360 degree picture of features around you underwater. Here’s a video of the test:

The sonar was integrated through an extra twisted pair in the tether using RS485. We used the Tritech software on the surface to view the data.

Here’s a few take aways for us:

  • We’ve tested a few scanning sonars and this one definitely provides the cleanest image and least noise.
  • We were able to find a bunch of objects on the bottom that were detected by the sonar (tire, ropes, scrap, another ROV)
  • It was incredibly useful for navigation purposes. With the sonar and compass, we could “fly by instruments” and navigate easily, using the dock pilings for reference.

Any thoughts?



How does the Tritech Micron compare, price wise, to the Imagenex 852? The last I checked it was considerably more expensive. Also, is the sonar image overlay post-processed or does their software support this?

Hi Paul,

The Micron is definitely more expensive than the Imagenex. Tritech was nice enough to loan us one for free for a few weeks :slight_smile:

The sonar image shown in the video is post-processed in Adobe Premiere. In actual usage we had the video window and sonar window side-by-side.


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I agree with Paul, price is a bit more of the discriminator here than image resolution and usability at least for the recreational/hobbyist side. If the commercial guys can afford one, this definitely looks like the better sonar. You get what you pay for with marine tech…even if it’s worth more than it’s weight in gold.

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Looks nice. Where on the BlueROV2 did you mount the sonar? Was there any concern about the vehicle structure interfering with the acoustics?

Ben, we mounted the sonar on the top left side of the vehicle. The head of the sonar was about 1.5-2" above the top of the ROV to avoid interference.

I don’t have any pictures, unfortunately.

Thanks for posting this video! Do you have video from the other scanning sonars you tested?

Hi Clyde,

We don’t have any other videos available right now. We do have access to an Imagenex 852 sonar and we could do a similar test at some point.



Way to go. In the past when using the above as an OAS we have had problem with the mechanical head.

I have used one on these Blueview on a LBV a while ago and the imagery was fantastic.

When funds allow I want to put one of these oculus on my ROV.

An OAS is essential especially when the vis. is sub 4.0m where I live. In the Southern North Sea when carrying out inspection work the vis. is that bad that the main tool used is a Tritech Gemini sonar. The detail picked up by the sonar is spot on. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of detail that can be seen with sound. When I first started it was a single beam echo sounder.

Do you have an pictures of the set up you had on the BlueROV please, and is that with the new camera?

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Hi Julian,

Thanks! Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of it on the ROV. Forgot to take any and we have returned the demo unit to Tritech.


Rusty, that video above is that the new camera?


How does that Oculus product compare to the others for price?



The list price of the M750d is £15,950 GBP and the M1200d is £21,500 GBP.


Hi Julian,

Yes, the video was all recorded on the new Low Light HD USB Camera.


Hi everybody,

very useful topic…Can anybody provide the price of Imagenex system?

Rusty, it would be very useful a comparison test between Tritech and Imagenex systems, please setup something in the future…

Best Regards,

Hi Rusty,

Great work. This video, displaying the practical working of Micron SONAR is of tremendous use. Just a small query. Are you sure about Micron system being highly expensive in comparison to Imagenex System?

As per the information I have, Micron DST (750m) is 4497 GBP, where as Imagenex 852 is 5800 GBP.


The Micron is made in the UK while the Imagenex is made in Canada. The Micron is definitely more expensive than the Imagenex in the US, but pricing in your country might be different. Contact the manufacturer or a representative in your country for pricing.

@sanchit - I’m glad you liked the video! It’s cool to see the sonar imagery side by side with the video.

The “Micron” product line also includes an echosounder and a USBL. Perhaps you are looking at the price of the echosounder.

@nmau - We’ll work on putting together a video with the Imagenex as well.

Without sending an inquiry to TriTech, this is what I’ve found for an off the shelf list price: Let us know if you guys find a better price!

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HI Ken, I am a reseller for Blue Robotics, Echologger and Blueprintsubsea.

Check the MRS900 a scanning sonar from Echologger ( or the Blueprintsubsea Oculus an imaging sonar (Blueprint Subsea | Oculus). If interested in any of these I am sure I offer them at an interesting price :wink:

Thanks, Andreas

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