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Scanning Sonar Testing

(Ian) #21

Wow! This opens the turbid river systems for environmental cleanup…and care.

(Liping) #22

Hi Rusty,

thanks for sharing.

You reckon the same setting would work for RS232?
We got a Tritech Micron but with RS 232 port.

(Rusty) #23

Hi Liping, I don’t think the RS232 could be sent directly through the tether. However, I believe you can reconfigure the sonar for RS485 pretty easily. I’m not sure how to do that but I think it’s in the manual.

(Liping) #24

thanks Rusty. yes just need an extra converter

(BenF) #25

Hi Rusty,

Do you have any wiring diagrams for hooking up the the micron. I didn’t put together our BlueRov2 and we have a micron to try with our unit.

(Rusty) #26

Hi Ben,

I don’t have the Micron wiring info nearby, but you can make the following connections:

Micron Ground —> ROV Ground on Terminal Block
Micron Power —> ROV Power on Terminal Block
Micron RS485 D+ —> ROV Tether Green (for example, can use any extra tether pair)
Micron RS485 D- —> ROV Tether White-Green (for example, can use any extra tether pair)

On the surface you’ll have to connect the green pair to a USB to RS485 converter. Also please make sure that your Micron is configured for RS485 instead of RS232. Their engineers can help you with that if you have any issues.


(Tim Pierce) #27

Define an “interesting” price. I’m interested in theory but not well funded heh.

(Svein H.) #28

Hi @apinsker,
I want to know what your best price is for the MRS900L sonar.

(Andreas Pinsker) #29

Hi Svein, I am no longer affiliated with Echologger.

The official Sales price used to be 6500 US for the MRS900

Pls do not hesitate contacting me directly if there was anything else I could do for you! Best regards, Andreas

(Andreas Pinsker) #30

Tom, interesting means exactly that :wink: that you still consider after knowing the price.

Pls contact me under ap@marine-distribution-consulting.com and I let you know more :wink:

Best Andreas


Hi Rusty
I’ve found you tube video posted by you guys regarding echologger MRS900. How easy was it to use with BlueRov? What about the image quality?

(Rusty) #32

Hi @bhkim,

We really like the Echologger sonar. I was really easy to use and the interface was well designed and worked well. We sent the communications over RS485 through an extra twisted pair in the tether. Image quality was good and comparable to the Tritech Micron.