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Scanning Sonar Testing

(Svein H.) #41

All you need is rs485 to rs 232 converter and it is ready to be runned on a laptop. It will be sold with a converter and a pigtail. It you search me up un facebook you csn see the sonar on my page. Search for ‘Sogndalstrand Undervannstjeneste’

and you will find me.


Svein H.

(Svein H.) #42

No, but out of what i can see of the spech. It is not wery good compared to what we use offshore.

Would like to test it, but have not have the chance yet.


Svein Harald

(Etienne Demers) #43

Yes just received mine yesterday. I’ll have a play with it soon.

With regards to performance, got to stay reasonable for that price range. I think its pretty awesome :slight_smile:

(k.deboer) #44

Can’t wait to hear how your testing goes with that one Etienne.

(Etienne Demers) #45

I’ll keep everyone updated.