Tritech Gemini series V Blueprint Subsea Oculus Sonar?

I am looking to buy a robust multi-beam sonar for SAR use at depths up to 200 ft. Both have dual frequency units. Considering cost, ease of integration with the BlueRov2, and a future ISBL add-on, which unit is the best? Thanks.

Hi @bajaMike, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with either unit, so can’t comment directly.

There’s a thread here on the Tritech options. These two comments seemed the most relevant in my quick forum search for Blueprint Oculus devices.

Hi Mike - I use the Blueprint M750d and have a few of them. I cannot speak to the Tritech but hear good things about it. My experience with the Blueprint has been excellent. We have more than a thousand dive hours on one and a more than 200 on each of the other two. We seldom dive less than 200’ deep and frequently dive to 1000’ with them. Once I figured out the integration and management of bandwidth they work great. Small target identification and navigation in zero visibility is excellent and you won’t know how you lived with out it (probably true for both). If it is okay to add this in the forum I do post some videos on my website and YouTube accounts Anyone reading this is welcome to reach out and ask how we integrated - Happy to help if I can.

Links and whatnot are fine if they’re actually relevant to the discussion - just not great to have spam links to random websites when there’s no reason for them :slight_smile:

If you paste a youtube link on its own line it’ll get embedded in the forum post though (as covered in the How to Use the Blue Robotics Forums guide), which can be a bit more readily accessible than having to go to a separate website, especially if there’s something in particular you want to highlight.

Here is the YouTube Channel for those interested: