Free Cerulean Omniscan 450 FS!

I’m interested to get comparison images between the Omniscan 450 FS and Oculus 750. If you have have a BlueROV with an Oculus, some interesting targets, and would be willing to share the results with us we could supply you with an Omniscan 450 FS (to keep!). This would be much cheaper than me buying an Oculus! Private message me if interested.



Hi @ljlukis,

I really like this idea as a way of getting comparison data! It’s great when people can share for mutual benefit :slight_smile:

From a quick search of the forum it looks like both @spotxuv and @Ben595 have previously mentioned having an Oculus 750. Not sure whether they’re interested in helping you out, but I’ve tagged them so they’re at least made aware of your proposal :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this worked really well. We do have a couple of users now with both systems. Stand by for some favorable results to follow!

Hi Larry,
Did you end up comparing the two? I have available a oculus & can set them up to run at the same time if you like?