Introducing Omniscan from Cerulean Sonar

Omniscan is a low-cost, high-resolution, long-range imaging sonar ideally suited for use on small ROVs and surface vessels. Check out the blog post here. See Omniscan in person at Oceanology International in San Diego next week!
SV Herc short

Introducing Omniscan


Forgot to mention: Comes in Forward Scanning (FS model above) and Side Scan versions (SS model below). Hence “OmniScan.”


This looks amazing. Very excited to get my hands on one to test out. Will be in touch.

Congratulations with the introduction of what seems to be really nice and useful products.

  1. Would you be able to provide examples of dual side scan sonar captures in your nice web based player?
  2. Can the data stream be accessed in realtime on the drone in a non-proprietary format? The use case would be to have a Jetson NX or AGX Orin unit or similar processing the data for tetherless autonomous operations
  3. Could you make available 3D STEP files of the FS and SS models to test possible fit?
  4. Could a 500m depth rating be achievable without a complete redesign?
  1. Dual side scan captures - we are just finishing up the support in SonarView for the dual side scan case. Should be released within ~30 days.
  2. No documentation on that currently, but it is doable and we would be happy to support that use case.
  3. STEP files - we are working on the documentation and order page and STEP files will be available.
  4. 500m - yes is doable without major redesign, but not currently working on it.

The product order page and links do documentation etc should be live by Monday.


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I had a private message inquiry about “scanning structures higher in the water column… for accurate mapping of them.” Since the SonarView demo shows a “3D” view I’d like to clarify…

Regarding your question about scanning higher structures, think of Omniscan this way: Omniscan in a “forward scanning” configuration is essentially a sidescan transducer aiming forward rather than toward the side. The SonarView app utilizes vehicle position and orientation information via MAVLINK (or just orientation from the Omniscan IMU if no MAVLINK), to display the sonar data in the correct geometric position and orientation so you can view the mosaic result in real time.

So for higher structures, you’ll get longer shadows which may be helpful, but still it’s not building a 3D point cloud. We’d love to be able to do that with future products but it will require something beyond Omniscan’s present capabilities.


Update: Product order pages are now live. Deliveries should start by the end of February.

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For answers to additional questions including: NMEA stream integration, XTF export, and sample files see this forum post over on the Cerulean site.

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Can you email me the cost? diverecoveries at

From the blog post:

Product pages are now live with pricing.

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I saw it at OI Americas. Looks pretty good on paper. Need to try it out and compare it to my Micron Gemini (Tritech) and a newly released one called SONOPTIX Echo from BlueLink. It’s about time these high priced sonars get some competition.

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We would love to see some side by side comparisons!

If you supply me an Omniscan 450, I will do a side-by side comparison in a controlled water environment with the Micron Gemini, and post results here.