Discount priced Imagenex sonar for sale

Hi all,
I have a new Imagenex 852 “micro sized” scanning sonar for sale. This unit was installed and tested on a BlueROV2 ROV but never used. I’m including everything you need to get it fully operational. Price is $5K or best offer plus shipping. Please contact me privately if you’re interested.

  • Imagenex model 852 scanning sonar, 24 VDC, RS485 (, $5,800.00
  • BR penetrator installed $20.00
  • 24 VDC step up voltage regulator $16.00
  • RS485 to USB converter (with USB mini panel connector $70.00
  • Total Value $5,906.00
  • Price $5,000.00 OBO

Hi @paul-unterweiser
How is this compared to Tritech micron? I can get the micron new for the same price, but i was not convinced after testing it.

I’ve just listed it on eBay. Starting bid at $3,400:

Hi @paul-unterweiser. do you have any recorded highligts from when you tested it?
I am interest in seeing the resolution of it and also see the program running the sonar.

Svein Harald

No videos from the test, but I have a few recordings made with an identical unit. Here’s one at 675 khz (it also can run at 850 khz): - YouTube

The sonar software applications (there are two, similar in functionality) are available from the Imagenex website:

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SCREAMING DEAL on a new Imagenex model 852 Ultra Miniature Scanning Sonar. $3,500 + shipping.

Has this unit sold?

Yes, and it is i Norway now :+1:


Yes, the lucky new owner is @SHS. Thanks for your business! :slight_smile:

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