Frame tilted 90 degrees


It might be a little weird question, but is it possible to use a ardusub frame tilted 90 degrees and trick the Navigator into thinking it is horisontal.

To elaborate a bit. We need a 6 dof frame as the one seen below:
The problem is, with the way we’ve built our ROV we aren’t able to place a single central thruster anywhere, so were using the same PWM signal to drive a pair of thrusters instead. We’re also interessted in having 4 thrusters facing forward, as we have to cover a long distance horisontally before diving only a short distance down (we need to get to a glacier front). Additionally we want to limit the amount of thrusters needed.
So the idea is, to use the same frame, but instead of the arrow pointing in the sailing direction, it’s pointing upwards, and the ROV is sailing into the screen. We can then use thruster 3, 4 and 5 (as a pair) to move forward, 1 and 2 to move up and down and 6 (as a pair) to move sideways.

I know we might be able to do it with a custom frame, but I have a colleague, who has had a lot of trouble trying to set one up and i wondered if there was an easier solution.

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