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Addison for rover similar to scubo

(jakkala kalvik) #1

Hello, I want to make a rover similar to the scubo rov but how does ardusub behave with a thruster config like that. The Rov and ROV2 frames have independent thrusters which make the rover move in 1 direction. But if I use it for a frame with 8 thrusters in which all 8 will be used to go in any direction what will it do. For instance for the rover to go forward all 8 thrusters will rotate in a set direction but what if I want to tilt the rover at the same time some of those thrusters will have to rotate in the other direction. What does Ardusub do in a situation like that?

(Jacob) #2

You can create a custom motor configuration for this situation, and you will have to compile the code yourself to use it.