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First post: Can only run 5 out of 6 motors

I am trying to teach myself many things by building an ROV based on ARDUSUB platform. Using the 6 motor ROV2 frame using pixhawk and raspberry PI.

Currently able to get 5 of 6 motors running. Motor 6 does not work. I’ve swapped ESC’s around and proved that all 6 motors are wired and can run, but pin 6 on pixhawk does not appear to drive any motor I connect to it.

Looking for suggestions on how to further my investigations.

Mystery gets deeper. Playing around I converted to ROV1 and motor 6 started running and controlled by switch 11/12 on joystick, which is a thumb button I had designated for camera pan.

In either ROV1 or ROV2 config, motors 1-4 work perfectly off joystick. By swapping wires, I can get either of the dive thrusters to work off the dive control, so I’m pretty sure they are wired OK, but can’t get both to work together. Everything so far suggests it’s in the pixhawk or QGC. Running out of ideas to pursue.

Problem solved. Wrong joystick config

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Thanks for following up @earlchap!