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Fathom S DF13 Connector

(Thomas Trickel) #1

In your image (http://docs.bluerobotics.com/fathom-s/pixhawk-setup.png) on the Fathom s’s documentation page you show a cable from the Fathom S to the Pixhawk. I have a cable that looks like the one in the image and both ends of the cable plug into the Pixhawk fine. However neither end plugs into the Fathom S.

What am I missing?

(Jacob) #2

This is a strange situation that you are explaining. There is a DF13 connector on the Fathom S board, what is your problem with it? Can you show us pictures demsonstrating the problem?

You may be using a pixhawk clone and a cable with a picoblade connector, which is different than a DF13.

(Thomas Trickel) #3

Ahhh, that explains it. I do appear to have a Pixhawk clone and cable with picoblade connectors.

After applying a little of the google I see this is an issue.

Thank you for kicking me in the correct direction.

and now for some more google to see if anyone makes a DF13 to 6pin picoblade connector

(Jacob) #4

If you don’t mind a little deformation, a bit of brute force (aka hacking :slight_smile: ) will usually make two work together. Trimming some plastic off the edge of the connector can help.