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Fathom One SD card Image

My first thread has mostly been solved. I now seem to have communications. I will add a post to that soon with what I have learned so far and wrap that up.

But, I created a new problem. The SD card in the Raspberry Pi was damaged. Either I corrupted it powering the system on and off multiple times, or I damaged it physically. I chipped the edge trying to get it out. It had gotten partially glued in by the buoyancy foam. I had green and red lights, now (with that card) I only have red. Loaded up ArduSub on a new card, green and red lights.

Unfortunately, ArduSub doesn’t interface (automatically at least) with the Fathom Power board. I haven’t gotten all the software setup to get fully connected to it yet.

I really need to try and get the Fathom .img file for the card… No luck finding it anywhere. There is a GitHub repository, but that doesn’t seem to be in there.

If I could make ArduSub work with the Fathom board, I would defiantly go that route. The ROV is fully potted with high density foam though and getting it down to an empty hull to install a new pi and pixhawk, is going to be VERY difficult.