'EKF3 lane switch 1' warning when armed


I have received the following warning several times recently:
EKF3 lane switch 1

It happens when the BlueRov2 is armed, but I did not notice any dependence on e.g. flight mode (manual, depth hold or stabilize). ROV sensors are calibrated.

The warning has no noticeable effect on the work of the ROV or the responsiveness of the QGC. Both the bandwith (in Test network) and the Loss rate (in QGC MavLink link status) values are fine.

I am using QGC version 4.2.3 and the latest Companion (0.0.31). I tried switching to BlueOS but failed to set serial data routing from Raspberry USB to UDP port (which is necessary for my work).

I have not found a description of a similar problem on the forum.

Where can I start looking for a problem solution?

Hi @en_morty,

As I understand it that’s a notification more than a warning - ArduPilot’s EKF3 Lane Switching documentation says the EKF runs an instance per IMU, and if one set of sensors is misbehaving (or just noisier) it switches to another.

It may be worth doing a sensor calibration - if the notification persists there may be something wrong with one of the sensors on your autopilot board.

That should be possible using the Bridges page (requires Pirate Mode). We recently made some significant quality of life improvements to that page, so if you try out 1.1.0-beta.6 it should be extra pleasant to use :slight_smile:

Of course any feedback is welcome, and please let us know if something isn’t working as expected :slight_smile:

Thanks for response.

Ok, I will do it next time in the field.

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