Warning: MYGCS: 255, heartbeat lost - Critical: Lost Manual Control

Dear All,
Sometimes we lose control of the ROV and the following error messages appear: ‘Warning: MYGCS: 255, heartbeat lost - Critical: Lost Manual Control’.
Please find attached an image of the error messages.
Does anyone have any idea of the cause?

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First thing I would check is network bandwith from ROV to surface computer.

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Hi @Boko,

we contacted the support and they suggested us the following setting that seems to work:
“changing the parameter FS_PILOT_TIMEOUT to 5 in QGC” (see attached screenshot)

I want to ask you, when I want to change it, it tells me that the maximum limit is 3, and I cannot put the number 5, and the error message still appears on the program. I cannot control the vehicle. Have you found a solution?

In addition to the warning message, I cannot connect to the program and it tells me that it cannot access the vehicle

Hi @rabah -
It seems like you’re not connected to the vehicle correctly, have you followed the network setup instructions? Can you ping successfully?
If you can ping and not connect, I would recommend opening that IP address in your browser, and making sure BlueOS and the Ardupilot firmware are updated to the latest versions (1.2 beta 4 for BlueOS.)

If the pesky warnings are still popping up but aren’t affecting functionality, there is another way to resolve them now. Please update BlueOS to 1.2.0-beta.8, enable pirate mode by clicking the friendly robot icon at the top-right, navigate to MAVLink Endpoints, and select MAVP2P. Any feedback on the matter is highly appreciated.