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Bad Ekf messages

(Kaos) #1

Hey there, im getting bad ekf messages at intervals from qgc. I don’t run gps or positioning system.
I also get a disconnect from the rov within the first 5 minutes, this has been random but probably 60% of my dives.
Any sugestions?

(Kaos) #2

Bluerobotics please reply

(Rusty) #3

Hi @kaosrulz - sorry for the delay! We don’t see this message very often, but I think there are a few things that could cause it:

  1. Most likely, it’s due to a bad calibration of the accelerometers and gyros. Can you please try to recalibrate your ROVs sensors from the Sensors tab in QGC? It will walk you through the process.

  2. This could be due to an issue on the board causing the sensor to be read incorrectly, but that’s less likely.

For the disconnect, I’d like to ask a few questions.

  • What tether length are you using and is there anything else running in the tether?

  • Have you checked the connections within the ROV and at the topside to make sure they are secure?

  • Does this happen in air or only when you are in water?


(Kaos) #4

Hi rusty, will recalibrate tonight.
I am running 100m tether with no other equipment running thru other wires. I find it only disconnects soon after qgc see’s the rov. It only does it once and it usually in air. All connections are solid. Just annoying really, when clients looking over shoulder and they ask if it will happen on dive

(Bo Koppel) #5

I get bad EKF messages sometimes when investigating metal wrecks etc due to magnetism from them.

(Kaos) #6

Recalibration has sorted the issue.
I have been calibrating about every 6 weeks, so the question is, do i need to do it more often?
@Boko thanks, that is useful info