Intermittent beep


When booting my BROV I get a beep every second or so with communication lost/gained with QGC. Even if I recycle the ROV?



Is the beep coming from one of the motors? How often is the communication dropping?

I am not sure where beep is coming from to be honest. I am deaf in one ear an its very difficult to direction find.

The ROV beeps, the communication drops about once a second. I have cycled the ROV and computer several times and it keeps on with the beeping.


Ok the beeping is probably coming from one of the motors. The ESC connected to the motor will emit a beep once every 3-5 seconds when it it not getting a valid signal from the pixhawk, and the motor will not spin.


Thanks for the reply. Do you have any suggestions on how I should move forward. I did get the ROV online again but I had this error message come up.

I dont know if this has anything to do with the cycling problem or just a red herring?


I have seen this message before. Check that you have the standard parameters loaded as it seems that no parameters are loaded on rov.sorry, I don’t have access to the link for the parameters but if you look at the docs for setting up BR2, you will find the link to parameters.
Just my opinion from my experience with BR2.
Jacob may know other reasons why it is showing this error message.

It looks like the communication link between the Pixhawk and QGC is not doing well. The connection lost and missing parameters are both symptoms of this problem.

Please verify that the tether conductors are seated securely in the screw terminals on the Fathom X boards. You shouldn’t need to reload the parameters, this message means that QGC did not catch all of the parameters emitted from the Pixhawk.

How does the video look?

Hi Jacob

The video is as intermittent as the signal. I have checked both connections on the Fathom X boards and they are fine. I have checked the continuity of the tether and thats fine.