How silence the beep of the ROV in QGC?

When the ROV isn´t arm for a few minutes it beeps every few seconds. It’s very unpleasant, is there any way to silence it? I think it’s in the QGC but I can not find where (QGC version is the 3.1.3)

Thank you

The beep is probably one of the motors, can you confirm or take a recording of the sound?

Can you please also read this and see if the problem is the same? ROV is making a bip sound

Hi @jwalser I´ve done the record but I think that this sound is an inactivity security system. Moreless 10 minutes without activity (only led on-off) and the sound start. Then if I arm it and start to move the motors, the sound stop.

Hi Ion,

We’re not entirely sure what is happening, but it sounds a like a safety or “beacon” mode of the ESCs is triggered after a certain amount of time idle. This functionality is built into the ESC firmware, so if you want to change it you will need to dig into the ESC firmware file and remove it. The altered firmware will need to be flashed to each of the 6 ESCs.


Ion, is this happening on a BlueROV2? What ESCs are you using?

Hi Ion,

As Adam said, the sound is due to a safety parameter known as “Beacon Delay”. It can be disabled through the signal cable using an AfroESC USB programing tool, and BLHeli Suite software. Your ESC’s might be running BLHeli firmware with forward/reverse function.


Thanks @QuiGon2

Hi Ion,

Enrique’s suggestion is valid, but it’s not quite that easy. The BasicESC is running the SimonK firmware rather than BLHeli, so you will not be able to use BLHeli Suite to remove the beacon delay without completely overwriting the firmware and changing it to BlHeli. Alternatively, you can alter the SimonK firmware to eliminate the feature.


Thanks, @adam and @QuiGon2 I thought that it was easier. No problem I will continue with the beeps.
Thanks both