ROV is making a bip sound

ROV is making a beep sound every 3 second…sound like its coming from the pixhawk or RP3. Cant remember it has been doing that. Any clue what this is ?

The escs make the motors beep, can you see if it is coming from one motor in particular? This usually means that the esc is not seeing an input control signal.

Sounds like its coming from port side vertical thruster. The thruster runs when operating the stick .

Is the beep in a pattern? Error codes are here:

The error I am seeing is this: “If no input is detected for more than 8 seconds, a periodic beep 3 every 3 seconds will be emitted (beacon mode). This may aid in the location of a crash, assuming the signal is lost.”
The beep is not from the vertical thruster but from port fwd. That thruster is not rotating. There is no green light is visible in the ESC.
Does this indicate that the ESC is broken an needs replacement?
The sound came after changing the camera to the new low light usb camera so its is strange. Cant see any loose wires after the work either.

Saw this video on youtube - may I see the same issue ? How do I try to fix it ?

My ESC during startup: Afro ESC 30A problem - YouTube

@SDI did the signal wire come unplugged from the pixhawk while the electronics were worked on? Make sure that the signal wires are all oriented the same way (brown wire closest to top edge of pixhawk). Also check that the BlueROV2 is selected in the Frame tab of the Vehicle Setup menu.

I think these are the only things to check before deciding you need a new esc.

No signal wires came loose and I have checked them again. All in position will check Vehicle setup menu later today

The ESC came back after going over the cabled and firmly pushing on every connector.