What do the beeps represent?

Hi guys,

Missing the bee boo at the end of the beep sequence when I put the power on.

What do each beep represent?


Hi @etienne, the sequence is tike this:
First rising beeps: # of beeps = # of LiPo cells in series detected
Low beep after: input signal detected
Last high beep: input signal is ‘neutral’/zero speed, and esc is now armed and ready to spin.

It sounds like you aren’t getting a signal from the autopilot. Are the lights on the pixhawk blinking? Does it connect in QGC?

Hi Jacob,

The ROV had a job with strong currents and got roughed up a bit.

Some water got inside.

The pixhawk got a bit of water on the connector where the thrusters are and I disconnected them all. Cleaned the pixhawk and connected only power, USB and IC2 back.

So I am guessing the last beeps are because the Thrusters aren’t connected?

I have camera and it connects in QGC. I got lights blinking on pixhawk.

Can you record the sound of the beeps?

The signal that I’m referring to is the signal from the pixhawk. If you don’t get those two beeps then the esc doesn’t see the signal from the pixhawk.

Its 5AM over here and I’ll be going to the office at about 8-9AM.

The ESC’s aren’t plugged in yet.

Also, I forgot to take a picture before I disconnected the pixhawk. I can’t seem to find the wiring diagram of what goes where. Can you provide me with the link?

Got everything plugged back and its making all the right sounds now.

Figured out what to plug where but not 100% sure about the 5Vdc. I plugged it on the SBUS.

That’s the right spot for it.

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Here is a link to some connection diagrams for the ROV.

Hi, Could you please provide a complete overview of the meaning of the beeps?

Hi @Algetun -
The “beeps” can vary, and are entirely dependent on the ESC being used to control a motor. Generally, some pattern of beeps is played to indicate start up. If you don’t here these beeps when power is applied, it is an indication of a wiring failure or problem with the motor or ESC.
When the ESC is initialized with a 0% throttle signal (1500 microseconds for bidirectional ESCs) an additional beep is played. On some ESCs this may be the same as the initial start up tones, but generally it is a different noise. This provides the audio cue that the ESC is receiving a signal from the controller, and the system is armed and may begin to move.
On a related note - systems controlled with a pixhawk will emit the start up and arming beeps within moments of power application. Systems using the Navigator autopilot will not play the arming beeps until the OS has finished booting and the autopilot process is started - this can take 1-2 minutes, and becomes a handy indicator that the BlueOS page is ready to be loaded.

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