Pixhawk no beep

Hi everybody,

I have done my third dive with BR2 today without problem. But when I tried to turn BR2 on back to my home, Pixhawk don’t beep when I connect battery and of course I have no communication with QCS. The main led of Pixhawk is keeping flashing with blue color. Can anybody help me? I don’ t know what to check.


Can you see a webpage at when the ROV is connected and powered on?
Are the lights on the ethernet port of the Raspberry Pi inside the ROV blinking?

Please also try these steps here, and let me know the results.

@jwalser, I can’t ping the address while the surface computer is setup correctly (ip address and firewall exeption). I think I can’t see the ethernet lights of raspberry pi is blinking. I have tried another ethernet cable without any success. What have I to try next?


Are the power and activity lights on on the Raspberry Pi? https://c.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/DSC_0082slashgear_review_.jpg

What about the Fathom X interfaces?

Try to connect the Raspberry Pi directly to your computer with an ethernet cable, bypassing the tether and Fathom X.

Eventually, I have found the solution, but first I will tell the exact symptoms: α) no activity lights on the Raspberry Pi, b) no activity to the Raspberry Pi’s port, c) the starting sounds of Pixhawk’s startup were playing but very very very low.

At first, I thought that I have no power to the Raspberry Pi so I changed the UBEC but nothing, second I checked every cable about the power supply of Raspberry Pi but the result was zero.

I contacted with a professional builder of drones using Pixhawk and he advised me to check the power module of Pixhawk and…when I unplugged/plugged the data connector between Pixhawk and power module the problem was solved and the BR started up with no problem.

I don’t know if somebody else had the same problem but I write it in any case.

@jwalser have you any reference about Pixhawk’s power module failure? Is there anything that can we do for precautionary reasons?

Thank everyone for the advises…


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