How to remove the "beeps" of my motor (with ESC)

Hi, we are working on the design of an underwater observation camera that should be silent, via a robotics project using a Raspberry pi.

We are using a brushless motor model F2838 which emits “beeps” when it does not receive any signal.

(In order to preserve our battery consumption, we are looking for a way to cut the signal to the motor when it should not be used)

We are therefore looking for a way to eliminate these regular “beeps”.

The problem comes from the ESC we are using. On the oscilloscope we could observe that it is the one that sends a signal to the motor.

So we need your help to answer the following questions:

Is there a way to set up the ESC so that it no longer beeps?

(We have not been able to connect our ESCs to BLHeli)

Is there a particular type of ESC that will not beep?

Can the beeper be removed directly from the engine?

Can we control the beeping of the motor from our Raspberry pi?


We have already tested the “Air20A” and “E series420lite” ESCs which emit the famous regular “beeps”.

The “Pro-Tronik BF 20A” ESC does not beep but does not run the motor.

Thank you kindly for your response…

The KOSMOS project

Hi @KOSMOSproject,

To clarify, there is no “beeper” inside the motor, the motor itself is being used as a speaker by the ESC to emit tones. Both speakers and motors use modulated electric currents to move other parts of them, there isn’t much a difference mechanically.

The startup tones are intended as a critical diagnostic tool to check the connections between the motor and ESC. Each of the three initial tones indicated a connection for each phase, with the other two usually indicating “ready” and “armed” when initialized with a valid signal. It’s not a common use case to disable them altogether given the information they convey, so it may be tricky.

The beeping is something purely controlled by the ESC firmware for the ESCs I am aware of, it is not possible to control without directly modifying the ESC firmware. Though BlHeli_32 has some options for custom startup tones, I’m not sure if it’s possible to disable them entirely.

There are two options I suggest:

  1. Modifying the BlHeli source directly the remove the startup tones and compiling a custom firmware. There may be some developers on the project that could help you with this.

  2. Using something other than a commodity “hobby grade” ESC. More commercial/industrial focused ESCs may not have the same startup tones. Off the top of my head, I believe VESC based ESC may not have startup tones enabled by default. These may be a fair bit more expensive.

I hope this helps!


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The BLHeli32 configurator has a setting for Startup Beep volume. I assume it goes to zero, though I’ve never actually verified this. Of course, you’ll need to get a BLHeli32 ESC to make this work.


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