Lost Manual Control Alert

New BlueROV2 gets continuous “Lost Manual Control” alerts. What is the reason/source of this?

This means that the autopilot has not received a joystick update for 1 second, and that the failsafe action was triggered. You can increase the timeout (Pilot Input failsafe timeout) from the Safety tab on the Vehicle Setup page. The default timeout of 1 second is a little bit too strict and will be changed to 3 seconds in the next update.

If you continue to have issues after changing it, let us know.

You can even change the failsafe behavior to just warn you instead of disarm if you need to.

@jakkala-kalvik I advise against setting it to warn only or disabling it, because this failsafe is there in order to handle the situation where the joystick or tether comes unplugged from the computer. If you set this to warn only, the sub could drive away after getting unplugged.

Thank you for the timely response. A one second update is a bit overkill for an underwater ROV. I will set the time to 3 seconds and see how that works. Thanks.