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Does two lithium-ion batteries fit inside the 3'' 298mm enclosure/acrylic tube?


Does anyone know if two lithium-ion batteries (from BR) fits inside the 298mm acrylic tube enclosure?
I know it fits the inner diameter of the enclosure, and technically the battery length (141mm) should fit twice but details of how the O-ring and the O-ring flange are fitted inside the tube makes me unsure whether there is enough space or whether I need to order a custom length acrylic tube. How much additional end space would be required for this to work?

Hi @Kat,

No, you will need a longer length to fit two batteries. The flanges take up 21 mm at either end of the tube. The battery normally fits into a 180 mm section of the 222 mm long stock BROV2 battery tube (222-21-21=180), and some of this additional space over the 141 mm battery length is necessary to comfortably stow the power/balance wires. You could cut this down to 160 mm with a bit of a tighter squeeze however. With two batteries, you would likely need a tube at least 160+160+21+21= 362 mm long.

However, there is another consideration. There is not a lot of space between the outside of the battery and the inside of the tube, so if you wish to run wires along the side of of of the batteries from the other, you will need to make sure they can fit. Otherwise, you can run the power wires out both end caps.


Hi Adam,

Thank you, that was very helpful!