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Battery size and fitting

(Julian Hancock) #1

Hi Chaps

I got my battery(s) from Hobby King today a 4S 10000 mAh puppies. To insert the battery into the compartment I have to dismantle and detach the whole water tight bulkhead forward or aft. Am I missing something?

Does anybody have a favourite end to insert a battery, the forward end is difficult to connect and the aft end could stress the power cable penetrators?



(TCIII) #2

I am using two Turnigy 3S 5,000 mah LiPos strapped together vertically and insert them into the battery WTC from the front end.

(Julian Hancock) #3

Thanks for getting back, are you running your LiPos in parallel?


(Rusty) #4

Hi Julian,

We always replace the battery by setting the ROV on its nose, opening the back end cap of the battery enclosure, and connecting the new battery. We were concerned about the battery enclosure penetrator as well, but we’ve actually been opening the enclosure by pulling on the cable as a test and we have haven’t had any issues after doing it that way for a few months!

We hope to smooth out the battery changing procedure in the future and we’re working on some ways to accomplish that.


(TCIII) #5

Yes, but my BlueROV2 is using six BlueESC T100s and not T200 Thrusters.