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Urgent Question About Battery Selection :)

Hi there!
Firstly I do hope everyone is safe and sound. Just quick question about battery selection. We’re building an underwater drone and the thing is we’re 3 mechanical engineering students and not really sure about correct battery.

Here is our connection scheme :

We are planning to use 6 T200 with Bluerobotics ESC and one servo for Camera setup.

Let me ask my question very quick :slight_smile:

Is it okay we to use this battery 4s 6200mah 40C Lipo Batarya 14.8V Pil , 4S 14.8V Li-po Pil Ürünleri , 783,05 TL , Satın Al

I’m not sure if it is okay to provide a link. Here is the details of battery that we think could be okay :

LiPo Battery Features:
Type: High Discharge Li-Polymer Battery
Model No: 6200mah / 14.8V / 40C
Minimum Capacity: 6200mAh
Configuration: 4S / 14.8V / 4 Cells
Continuous Discharge Current: 40C (248A)
Anti-Explosion Current (10 sec): 80C (496A)
Charging Speed: 1-2C (max.5C)
Package Weight: 575g
Battery Dimensions: L 160 x H 50 x H 32 mm
Charging Connector: JST-XHR
Plug: XT60

It would be really nice if someone who knows more than us :smiley:

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The bluerobotics battery is a 4S6P cell, has an 18Ah capacity, and is expected to last up to 4 hours of moderate use with 6 thrusters and a camera servo. The thrusters use a lot of current, so if you want to run on a 6.2Ah battery (1/3 of the capacity) you’d definitely need to be significantly limiting the speed your thrusters can go to avoid the control electronics losing power and restarting. You may also have issues with running out of charge quite quickly.

If you’re unable to use a bluerobotics battery, or equivalent from elsewhere, you could use three of your suggested battery in parallel to get the same current and power capacity as the bluerobotics battery, but you’d then need to make sure you can wire that up appropriately and you’d need a suitable enclosure to house them.

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