BlueRobotics now has a wider range of canister sizes, considering new battery configurations


We develop buoys that go up and down the water column to capture data. We’ve been using an array of the 4s6p blue robotics batteries to power the buoys. We’ve generally used 6 of them connected in parallel to power our prototypes.

Though with the new sizes of 5,6, and 8 inch canisters from BlueRobotics we are considering to take a second look at our battery solution, as the new canisters open a whole new category of larger batteries that we could use.

Does anyone in this forum have any suggestions for batteries that could fit within one of the new sizes of canister? Preferably batteries with a similar voltage range to the BlueRobotics 4s lithium ion batteries.

I will update this post if I find a solution I like myself


I’ve used this battery, in 8" PVC pipe tubes. Different chemistry, and a BMS built in - probably not a good fit for high current applications, but a full KwH and a higher voltage can be nice!


Nice one Tony - just wondered how you seal the PVC tubes and the depth you can achieve? Do you use the blue robotics wetlink penetrators?

I’d like to build a couple of spare batteries like the 4S6P BR-100839 using 18650 LiPo cells. The BR-100839 doesn’t have a BMS although includes a thermistor (although no cabling is included to connect to the BlueROV unfortunately). The recommended H6 Pro charger does an excellent job of balancing the cells when charging though.

Very much appreciate if you (or anyone else) has advice how to build a spare battery. The BR-100839 seems relatively straight forward to construct. Apart from constructing the 4S6P battery itself it seems like I just need to add the balance leads and thermistor?

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Hi @BillyBudd -
I capped the 8" PVC pipes with rubber caps that use a hose-clamp. I then used a 10mm punch to use standard connectors, yes. The enclosures were not intended to go to depth, but exist at the surface of the ocean. However for a leak test they were dragged behind a boat and didn’t leak from depths of up to ~1.5 m.

I’ve never built a battery, but don’t think it is too difficult - lots of material on Youtube detailing the process. A spot-welder and tabs are typically used to attach the cells electrically, and the thermistor is technically not required. The Balance leads definitely are though! It’s also important that all the cells you’re connecteing together are already balanced. Best of luck!

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