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Recommended Battery (non-Blue Robotics)?

I noticed that the old recommended battery that happens to also be acceptable for carry-on airplane travel seems to be discontinued. Does anyone have a new carry-on compatible battery suggestion? The old one was nice in that it seemed to be about the biggest battery with a rectangular cross-section that fit into the battery enclosure. Thanks!

Hi @skcolb,

We updated the BlueROV2 product page a few days ago with some more recent batteries that we have tested from two different suppliers:

Awesome, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for pointing that out!

I want to make the battery pack (Lithiun-Ion 14.8V / 18Ah-R1 - 4S6P) of blue ROV
So, I’m looking to the picture showing of power wires (XT-90) and 5 wires (JST-XH) connections on the board. Can you help me about that ? you know where are the wire connections on the board ?


Here’s a site that lets you configure a pack and see the balance leads: https://scriptasylum.com/rc_speed/lipo.html

Only goes to 3s, but you can see what’s going on and extrapolate. I’ve built two packs from used tesla cells. Was a bit more work than I thought, but ended up costing ~$80ea, so it was a decent savings over two packs.