4” Series Enclosure at the place of Battery Tube (3" Series Enclosure)?


Can i put a 4” Series Enclosure at the place of Battery Tube (3" Series Enclosure) ? There are space for that with a clamp for 4" Series?

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Frederico Vaz

Hi Frederico,

There is not quite enough space for a 4" Series Enclosure where the battery enclosure is. If you need to mount an extra 4" Series Enclosure to a BlueROV2, we have a payload skid that supports that.

Also, you could mount it underneath the bottom panel. The bolt pattern for 3" clamps and 4" clamps is the same. I don’t know how well this would work and I don’t think I have ever seen it done, but it is possible.



My ROV has 2 4" Enclosures, I had the frame custom made though.

@markhyde nice! Can you post one side photo? A custom frame, do you make new holes or ?

Hello, I used the plans from Blue Robotics and just got someone to stretch it upwards, all the holes lined up perfect, I bought all the other parts needed from Blue Robotics.
I had already purchased the two 4" tubes earlier for a PVC frame and didn’t want to have to buy a 3" tube as well. The 4" tube is big enough for two 10,000 mAh 4s batteries.
I posted a photo of my earlier build on this forum somewhere.

hey @markhyde

What method did you use for machining the HDPE, laser or CNC?


The place that did it for me used CNC