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My ROV build based off BR 4" WTC

(Greg O) #1

Starting my build of my ROV that is based around the BR 4" Tube. I am using the rounded front end with the 14 hole tail. Will be powered by pixhawk/ardusub, with RPI camera. The frame itself mostly PVC pipe based, with a few bits of acrylic here and there.


Here are some files I have created so far for my sub:

4" Tube Holder

4" Tube Plate Holder


Ill add more as my build progresses…



(Rusty) #2


Awesome! Excited to follow along.


(Greg O) #3

Updated both designs. The internal plate can now be removed while the flanges are still installed (a bit of lost mounting room, but I think ill be ok).


The tube holder design now has a rounded top (originally I was going to use a flat plate above and below the tube)…