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Enclosure Cradles

Will the enclosure cradles fit the larger compartment located on the top of the ROV? Or is it specifically for the battery compartment? I am adding a compartment to the payload skid and am figuring out how to attach it to the skid. It is the same size as the primary compartment on the BlueROV2.

On top of the ROV? Not quite understanding what you’re asking, but if it’s you’re wondering if the 4" mount that is the same style as the 3" battery mount, will fit in the same location, then yes the mounting pattern is the same 20mm x 40mm.

If you’re referring to the enclosure clamps then the 3’’ series and the 4’’ series each have their own clamps. The 4’’ series clamps are here: https://bluerobotics.com/store/watertight-enclosures/4-series/enclosure-clamp-4-series/