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Sharing Designs for 3D Printed Electronics Trays (3" and 2" Series Enclosures)

In the Blue Robotics spirit of being open source and sharing projects in the marine robotics space I decided to help those who have the motivation and determination to modify and expand the BlueROV2.

Attached are the STL files containing the parts for internal mechanical assemblies I designed for a few different ROV electronics enclosures. The parts were 3D printed and assembled with tiny and large screws, which you’ll have to order them online, unless you can find a store with screws like these.

I also attached images of the assemblies together and with electronic components I mounted on them for my thesis project. The images give the viewers an idea of what features the mechanical assembly offers.

300mm 2" Series Enclosure

This assembly was designed to slip in and out of a 300 mm (2” Series) enclosure. The rear extension piece isn’t useful unless you’re planning to mount the enclosure vertically.

Two included features are that the rear rib can be screwed on to a BR 2” series O-Ring Flange using the holes and an Arduino Nano can be screw on to the rear plate.

Center rib v15.stl (31.9 KB)
Front plate v20.stl (23.7 KB)
Front rib v13.stl (36.8 KB)
Rear extension for header pin connectors v3.stl (55.6 KB)
Rear plate with nano fitting v3.stl (45.6 KB)
Rear rib v13.stl (64.7 KB)

222mm 3" Series Enclosure

Four included features are the following:

  • The rear rib can be screwed on to a BR 3” series O-Ring Flange using the holes
  • Has space for an Arduino Uno can be mounted on it and a customizable circuit board
  • Front rib has a landing that a small camera, like a Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera V2, mounted on a servo motor and bracket, could be mounted on.
  • Designed to slip in and out of a 222 mm (3” Series) enclosure.

Front rib v14.stl (129.4 KB)
Rear plate v10.stl (24.9 KB)
Rear rib v25.stl (66.1 KB)

298mm 3" Series Enclosure

Three included features are the following:

  • Has space for an Arduino Mega, Raspberry Pi, and a customizable circuit board to be mounted on to
  • Rear rib has a landing that was designed for an OpenROV interface board and Tenda P200 homeplug. It will require some investigation and re-designing for a BR Fathom-X Tether Interface Board to fit on it.
  • Designed to slip in and out of a 298 mm (3” Series) enclosure.

Center rib v18.stl (31.7 KB)
Front plate v9.stl (21.8 KB)
Front rib v17.stl (22.5 KB)
Rear plate v28.stl (52.2 KB)
Stern rib v21.stl (104.6 KB)


Hi @CBW3750, nice setups!

It’s always really cool to see different designs that people come up with, and we really appreciate when people choose to share their designs with the community, so that everyone can benefit from them - thanks!

Given this was for a thesis project, would you be happy to share your thesis? I’m sure several people would find it interesting to read about what you’ve been studying and working on. I understand you may not be able to share it until it’s graded, or perhaps at all depending on your university’s rules, but if you can and would like to share it then please do :slight_smile:

Since your three posts were very similar (and part of the same project) I’ve merged them into one bigger one with some headings, and moved the repeated content to the description at the top :slight_smile:

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