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Scratch Built 3d Printed BlueROV

Hello All.

Us Scot’s are renowned for knowing the true value of money and after purchasing 3 x BlueROV’s for my work in the North Sea oil & gas sector, I decided that it was about time that I built a ROV of my own.
I’m luck enough to own 2 x 3d printers so, thanks to the freely available CAD and STL files I have taken the plunge and I am well on the way to building a scratch built BlueROV.

The first items that I printed were the electronics tray and mount for the servo/camera. I purchased all of the components individually that are required for the electronics housing and I have a fully working setup for the grand total of £211 GBP. Instead of using a set of Fathom -X boards to handle the ethernet comms, I cut up a pair of ethernet over mains electricity adapters and thanks to a guide showing a suitable setup for the OpenROV, I was able to establish surface - subsea comms over a 100m long ethernet cable effortlessly.

I will continue to use this post to document my progress and I will be happy to assist anyone else that may be thinking of going it alone and building a system from scratch.
For anyone that is concerned about using 3d printed parts at depth - don’t be! We have been using 3d printed parts subsea regularly at depths of up to -150m for years with no failures to date. All parts are printed in PLA+ with 100% infill.

Electronics Tray
Rear Frame Part


Hi! Just out of curiosity - what wall thickness you use? Have you tried different materials? I’m considering switching from PLA to CarbonX / CarbonP (PETG with carbon fibers) for durability and water resistance, do you have any opinion on it?

Welcome to the forum. We have been using PLA for about 3 years now. 40% fill but with an epoxy coating. Works fine!

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Interesting. Thank you Terry!

Some further progress.


Looking good :grin:

Very Nice! Do you have some links to the stl files?

Sorry if my English is incorrect.
I make 3D printed ROVs. We are experimenting with carbon polycarbonate 100% infill to a depth of 207 m.
The result is good.

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Hi. All of the stl files are available on the Blue Robotics site. You need to go to the technical details section for each item that you need to print.

Thanks, now I feel really stupid :grinning: still can’t find the files. Only the one om grabcad. Dit you use that one?

Do you notice any sort of compression in the plastic after a dive? If so at what depth?

I an very interested in the printing for subsea idea.

Have the stl files been removed from the website? I cannot seem to find them. When I look under the Technical Details, all I see is the revision history.

I’m specifically referring to the fairing. There isn’t any information under the technical details.

Got them. It’s a little work around, but the cad files are available on grabcad. Then just pick the part you want in freecad and convert to stl.