BlueRov2 ROV - 'Pre Built' vs 'Component DIY Build'

At the very first stages of looking to build a Bluerov2 ROV and I am based in the UK.

This is only for experience in building an ROV and only for Camera work, but I am looking to build as cost efficiently as possible.

Is there any real savings in buying the ROV in its component parts / web resources
Are there “mandatory” items the forum would advise as just don’t bother searching buy “Bluerov”…i.e…Enclosure, End Caps, Electronics Pre Built…etc…
As although I can maybe source Acrylic Tubing 2m length, 5mm think I sacrifice the O-Ring Version designs which are very likey there for a very good reason.

Part of the reason is to avoid Import/VAT etc if I can minimise the items and build likes of the Frame From CNC Machine and Laser Cutter for the Electronics Board and source my own Pi etc…

Hey -

We had an intern a couple of years ago that challenged me that he could build the kit up himself cheaper than the kit cost. So, he went off and did the same you are suggesting - and we didn’t account for his labor, only costs of goods sold. Frame components on the CNC, get a Pi, his own terminal strips, etc. We just purchased the thrusters and ESCs. He manufactured all the enclosure flanges, end caps, everything - and had it all anodized.

The ROV looked great, and he was able to use the CAD that Blue Robotics so graciously shares to manufacture all the parts. But, he came in at around 50% more than the kit cost - with no labor or machine time costs factored in (he also destroyed a lot of CNC and lathe tooling).

It’s hard to beat volume manufacturing.


Hey @Riisu, I’d concur with what @iSENSYS stated, it will be hard to beat the volume manufacturing on the main elements - but there’s a lot of fun to be had making additional sensors / payloads etc.

In regards to Import Duties / VAT, as a UK distributor, we handle that for you, so the price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Kind regards

Matt - Carcinus Ltd

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Afternoon Chandler…very much appreciate your response and given you have been and done this already I think has answered the question in volume production beats what could be achieved through other routes.

Afternoon Matt, Thanks and appreciate you reaching out as the UK Distributor that there is support and components avail to uk sector.