Equipment for 3" enclosure

Hello, Bluerobotics and Bluerobotics community!

I have a few questions I hope someone knows the answer to!

I would like to put an electronics tray into the 3" enclosure, but I cannot find something similar anywhere. Does a 3d-model of this exist anywhere?

Also, has anyone tried replacing two of the buoyancy elements on each side with a 3" enclosure, respectively? Or has anyone mounted additional thrusters on the vehicle to achieve full 6 DOF control? Would be interesting to hear if anyone has some experience with this when it comes to stability properties and control performance.

A question for Bluerobotics: Do you plan on making any equipment for the 3" enclosure, such as a spherical dome or electronics tray(s)?

(The reason why this interests me is that I would like to place 8 thrusters on the vehicle to achieve 6 DOF control, where 4 thrusters are connected to one 3" enclosure. This gives much more space in the main 4" enclosure for additional equipment.)

Best regards from Norway

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Hi Bent,

We do plan on having a dome and electronics tray available for the 3" enclosure in the future, but we have no estimated release date at this time. I recommend you use the 3D model of our 4" electronics tray, and modify it for your needs to fit a 3" enclosure for now.

We have done some tests with four vertical thrusters on the BlueROV2, and the 6DOF control with 8 thrusters works great! It flies much like an underwater multi rotor, and stays very stable. @tony-white has built one as well, and he didn’t have a problem fitting the two additional ESCs into the 4" watertight enclosure. You shouldn’t need any additional enclosure to do so, unless you are adding a number for other dry electrics/instruments. The software already fully supports this configuration with the 8 thruster frame type selected.

That said, the BlueROV2 does have mounting holes in the frame for adding two additional 3" watertight enclosures in stead of the buoyancy foam. The mounting holes for four vertical thruster are already there as well. We haven’t tried this ourselves yet, but it should work fine.


Thank you for your reply, Adam!

Quite interesting. I would like to put additional dry sensors inside the 4" enclosure, and I’m running out available holes in the end cap.

I see. I will most likely be attempting the 6 DOF setup by mounting the four vertical thrusters to the respective mounting holes in the beginning of the coming year. Might even make a couple of new holes in order to have the thrusters even further away from the center of gravity.

Thank you for all the shared insights!

Best regards,