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Fit 2 Li-ion battery Packs in a 4" tube?

Does anyone know if we can fit 2 Li-ion packs in a standard 4"tube? The data sheet says they are 5.5" long and the tubes are 12". I know it’s close but if I make a custom back plate with the penetrators near the edge of the tube that should give the battery pack all 12".

The end plate holders take up about 2 inches of that 12". So no, not without a longer tube.

I know but the battery pack is just under 3" in diameter. So I figured I can just put it flush with one of the endplates and move the penetrators to the edge of the tube to make way for the pack on the other end of the tube in the flange. I am planning on holding the tube in place similar to the 4" tube on the ROV2 so the end plates should be in place. Think it will work?