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Connect Cerulean Sonar DVL-75 to BlueROV2

we purchased a Cerulean Sonar DVL-75 and we are trying to connect it with our BlueROV2. We managed successfully to setup our sensor by following this guide:
BlueROV2 Cerulean install software – ceruleansonar and now we have to connect it with the vehicle.
Based on the user manual of the DVL the wiring we have to follow is this:

My question is : Where we have to plug in the TX/RX wires and from which module we can take its power supply?

For the TX/RX wires do we have to use a BLUART USB to TTL Serial and RS485 Adapter and then plug it directly to the Raspberry Pi?

Thank you in advance.

Hello @palmous,

For serial, yes, you will need to use the BLUART. The connection information is at the end of the DVL User Manual. Then plug it into the RPi. Make sure you update the RPi companion using the following instructions: BlueROV2 Cerulean install software – ceruleansonar

For power, you can connect it to the BR battery terminal block.



Thank you for your help!
As far as I can see DVL integration with ArduSub is still in a beta stage and not recommended for normal use. I see some other topics with people straggling to make it work even by using ArdSub Beta 4.1.0. I hope to see soon a stable version of this. It can be used in very interesting applications.

I come back to this with the following question:

I successfully managed to setup the sensor and connect it with BlueROV2’s companion computer (Raspberry Pi) with the help of a USB TTL to Serial Adapter. My question is how can I test if the communication is correct through ArduSub Companion Computer Setup page? I want to see if the Companion Computer reads the correct data and at which address/port.

Look on the system page of the companion; to see if the port is active.

The companion computer will forward the data to the Cerulean Tracker program running on the surface computer, or a separate computer connected to the network. It will scan and find your DVL-75 and display the status. It will then forward location data to the ROV for displaying in QGC, and the Cerulean Map program.

Thank you for your quick response! Below is the image you mentioned. I guess the serial Device β€œFT231X_USB_UART” is the Usb to TTL Serial adapter I uuse in order to connect my DVL with Raspberry. Is there anything else I should look for?

Looks good!,
You should see it in the Tracker app now. Ensure you drag the window bigger (to the right) to expose the connections part of the window.