Combining Cerulean USBL with WaterLinked DVL

We have a BlueROV set up with a Cerulean USBL (Sonar: ROV Locator Bundle Mark II – ceruleansonar) and a WaterLinked DVL (DVL A50 | Water Linked).

We would like to fuse the outputs of both and display them in Qgroundcontrol. Any suggestions on a method for this? I guess writing some scripts with Kalman filters is an option, but I’m hoping someone out there might have already done some of the heavy lifting!


Hi @JohnH -
Checkout this PR - this sort of feature is not currently supported, and is made more difficult by the combination of vendor hardware in your case potentially. The Cerulean Tracker software can be used with the Cerulean DVL and ROVL, doing fusion on your control computer and sending the results to the vehicle, however doing so onboard the vehicle is still quite tricky to manage!