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Connecting Blue ROV to USBL is this possible?

Hi I am new to the ROV world and am just getting launched over here. With Water Linked Underwater GPS explorer kit retired (and out of my price range) I am wondering if others have connected other products to the BlueROV2 to obtain position data on its deployments. I know there are a number of USBL product out there. Has anyone made some of these other products work with the BlueROV2
Thanks for the help or any tips!

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Hi! @Mary-Claire
Wile Waterlinked UWGPS is no longer at BR shop, you can still buy from Waterlinked.
Regarding “explorer kit” there are several ways to connect yourself by standard IP network.
Also I do not know of any USBL UW positioning cheaper then WaterLinked.

USBL is used by several BR users, look at forum:

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Hi @Mary-Claire

I run USBL, and DVL on my BlueROV2: Cerulean Sonar: Advanced Technology. Sensibly Priced. – ceruleansonar

You may find these a bit more affordable!

Personally, running navigational has been a game changer. Knowing where the vehicle is and seeing the track on a map in real time is fantastic!


Thanks for your message! Great advice. Would you be able to tell me which products you ordered from them?
Were you able to configure it so you can view the flight path using the blue robotics software or did you view it through a different interface?

Thanks Again!!

Ok thanks so much! I’ll check the forum out for sure!

Hi Mary-Claire,

I’m using both the USBL and the DVL from Cerulean Sonar. The DVL is the ‘advanced’ version with GPS. I use it the most. The USBL works best when used from a boat. The track (flight path) is displayed in QGroundControl. It does require the Cerulean tracker application to be running on either the same computer BlueRobotics runs on, or a second computer. It gathers data from the surface GPS, the DVL, and the USBL, if connected, then forwards the location info to the ROV. Cerulean also has a good map application that is useful if you have a specific waypoint to navigate to.