Power supply for Cerulean Sonar ROVL MKII

Hi all,

I have a question for those of you who have installed a Cerulean Sonar MKII ROVL transmitter on the BlueROV.

The installation guide uses a 5V 6A step down/power supply to power the transmitter on the ROV, yet looking at the specifications for MKII transmitter on the website it recommends powering it with >9V. Are we okay to wire the transmitter directly into the power board which supplies most of the other components on the ROV or do we need to purchase a step down?

I have also posted on the cerulean sonar forums but this one looks more active.


Hi Perter,

I run mine from the main power distribution. Not through a step down PS.



Thank you, we’ll give that a go!

Hey, we do the same!

The Transmitter is 5 - 28VDC, and we power it straight from the screw terminals feeding from the nominal 14.8VDC 4S main battery.

The Receiver is 4.5 - 16VDC, so a bit more sensitive. I think they did that so you can run it from USB power topside, or from the BROV2 battery.

We run a dual setup, Tx & Rx on the ROV and topside so we get differential heading. Both are powered from the main 4S batt voltage.

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Thanks Chandler, we just wired it in yesterday and everything seems to be in order. Next up - field testing!