Camera Tilt System for Raspberry Pi camera

hi, I want to built a ROV with raspberry pi camera which I already have. I know that BlueRov R1used to use this camera .So where can I download the 3d model of the camera tilt mount for this camera? thanks!

CAMTILT-RASBPI2-CAMERA-MOUNT-R1 (2022_04_05 12_58_10 UTC).STL (301.7 KB)

I found this in my downloads. Its from 2016. Might work.

Hi @AntonioTung, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The model you’re after can be found in the Cameras section of our Technical Reference. :slight_smile:


is their any files or models for a 3d printable servo mount ? thanks

Here are a couple versions to try.

CAMTILT-SERVO-MOUNT-R2 (2022_04_05 12_58_10 UTC).STL (46.6 KB)
CAMTILT-P-SERVO-MOUNT-R3 (2022_04_05 12_58_10 UTC).STL (309.5 KB)

The model for our current mount is available in the Technical Details section of our Camera Tilt Mount product page, but @k-deboer’s are no doubt fine too :slight_smile: